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Norton, St. Egwin

St. Egwin's Church is in the next village and I first rang here in the summer of 2004. In the spring of 2006 I started ringing here regularly, I value the opportunity to learn to ring on 8 bells.

This was also where I saw for the first time (4th July 2006) what happens when a stay breaks. I was ringing #7 when the stay on the #4 bell broke. An example of how dangerous bell ringing can be and why great care is needed and an awareness of what can go wrong.

During 2005-2006 the bells again required maintenance. A dedication service for the restored bells was held on the evening of Sunday 30th July 2006. The service included a hymn for bellringers, "Unchanging God, who livest".

The Bells

The tower has a ring of 8 bells with a tenor weighing 12-3-26 in F.

Dove's Guide includes details of the bells at St Egwin with more information provided by the Worcestershire & Districts Change Ringing Association.

The tower originally had 6 bells, these were cast in 1723 by Richard Sanders of Bromsgrove and were presented to the Church by the Horourable Charles Craven of Lenchwick. The fittings were repaired and the bells rehung in 1886 at a cost of £40.

A complete restoration took place in 1901. Bell #5 was recast by James Barwell of Birmingham (at a cost of £180). The fittings were renewed and the bells tuned and rehung.

These 6 bells were rehung in 1937 by James Barwell of Birmingham on a composite frame of wood and metal and on ball bearings.

In 1948 two additional bells, bringing the number up to 8, were installed as #1 and #2. These were cast by John Taylor of Loughborough and bear the same inscription.

In 1974 bell #6, known as the "Parish Bell", was recast by Taylors of Loughborough due to cracking.

The clock was installed in 1913 and paid for by village subscription at a cost of £116 16s 3d. The quarter hours are struck on the Treble, #3, #4 and #7 bells. The hours are struck on the Tenor.

the bells are rung from the ground floor which results in a long pull, rope guides were fitted in 1994.

photo of the ropes
Ground Floor ring

Bell  Inscription
1 Dove's Guide
to the bells at St Egwin
T.Lloyd. Vicar, K.A. Lloyd, H. Stephens, Churchwardens, R.H. Burlingham Treasurer
2T.Lloyd. Vicar, K.A. Lloyd, H. Stephens, Churchwardens, R.H. Burlingham Treasurer
3God preserveth the Church 1723
4Edward Millward Spires. Churchwarden 1723.
5Philip Rock 1723
6Peace and good neighbourhood 1723
7Richard Sanders made all six of us 1723. Recast AD1901
James Barwell Founder Birmingham
F. Skinner, F. Idiens,    Churchwardens
TenorThe Honorable Charles Craven. Robert Bourne. Vicar

The Worcestershire & Districts Change Ringing Association have additional information on the Norton Parish Church of St Egwin.

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